What is Comfisoft? Comfisoft develops software for the rental and transportation sectors. Comfisoft aims to develop the ultimate software package and would do so in collaboration with its customers. We build what you want. A complete package developed by IT professionals for a low all-inclusive price, no surprises and no fee per module.

Rentallin Rentallin is your online fleet manager. The software is suitable for each sector in which different drivers driving a vehicle. Think of the car rental, taxi, transport sector etc.

The dashboard and the app Rentallin cooperate and give the world a real-time status overview of your fleet.

This makes it possible to cut costs and creates awareness for the company and driver. From experience with our current customers clearly showed that there is to achieve a large gain in awareness of the driver so the claims go directly down. The car rental industry is not just the cost of claims down, but the number of taxable deductibles increased by several tens of percent.

The software is ready to implement into your current operations and can be used on any platform, namely on your smartphone, tablet and computer (iOS and Windows). Through the app, vehicles may be edited and taken where flags are placed in places where damage is in combination with a photo of the damage. Through the dashboard, you can use this moniteren. There put a new injury within the app by the employee? You will receive directly in the dashboard alert. Who rides the injury, how often are driven damage, who finds the injury or not? It's all clear from your dashboard.

In addition, there are several modules that can be added to Rentallin, namely, maintenance, location, and customer data. In order to simplify the use of the system, there are several links written. Consider the CJIB, where a ticket is automatically entered and passed on to the driver. When entering vehicles is RDW collected information so that you only need to enter the registration number. The link with Fixico regards the possibility of requesting bids for damage repair so the discovered damage with photographs directly to turn to various damage repairers. As a business partner of the Bovag, we keep all the developments in the sector of an eye and we are first in. Do you own specific needs we are open to build this for you immediately without having to send an invoice. We are happy to help you personally to discuss the possibilities in detail.


All damages at a glance digital

at the customer

Damage Costs Post

Time saving, especially
fewer discussions with the customer

continuously updated

Damage Overview digital
or physically go to the customer

Application always

Status of the car ever
within reach


How Rentallin works


2. Check the damage and add any new damage with photographs

3.Check mileage and options

4.Digitally sign along with the driver

In the above four simple steps monitors your injury and your driver receives a digital survey by mail (printed if desired).


Now at a glance through the car's image in combination with one or more photos. No more discussions about damage.


  • 24/7 monitoring and support by Comfisoft
  • No server or licenses required, all over the internet
  • Suitable for smartphone, tablet and computer
  • No technical knowledge required
  • The damage app can be used offline

Awaken awarenessVISUALS & PHOTOS

No more discussions about damage. Damage to the vehicle at departure? Now in éénoogopslag clear by the mapper-ing the car in combination with one or more photos.

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Digitizing damageDAMAGE EASY PROCESS!

Damage processing has never been easier. Rentallin works on all smartphones, tablets and computers.

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Save those big loss! Create driver awareness through digitized-ized view.

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App screenshots
App screenshots

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Our customersA small selection of our customer base

Car Rental Diks Car

"We are very excited about the development of Comfisoft. Damages are being driven daily and it is very important that the damage is detected, it is communicated directly run smoothly with the customer and claims handling."

Car Rental Bert Jonk

"With Rentallin we have to-date picture of the state of our vehicle. The tenant is faster on the road and misunderstandings about the damage on departure belong to the past. Digital storage issues and intakes saved us time and data at any location where the customer rents the car or to bring insight."

Spare Rib Express

"The program and help the app to give me a better insight into eg mileages, even daily. This allows excellent control of the maintenance and employability.
With the app, the couriers aware how we deal with our fleet. It is this outside the car remain both inside in excellent condition."

Car Rental Huurmij

"Through the digital issue and intake process Comfisoft we are and the link with Fixico we save time when recover our losses and return of our ISV vehicles."

Who are we?

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Comfisoft existed since 2014. We develop software for the automotive industry. Our team of highly experienced programmers has its headquarters in Aalsmeer. The development takes place in cooperation with the industry. We continue to develop to the needs of our customers and strive as a full package.
In the future we will develop multiple apps, along with your input. At this time, a rental package is being developed.

If you want more information or have a question for us?

If so, please contact us!

Schinkeldijkje 16 F | 1432 CE Aalsmeer | Netherlands